Stethoscope Stage

The national play festival facilitating dialogue between medical professionals & patients

Welcome to Stethoscope Stage

Stethoscopes are instruments used to closely and carefully listen to the heart, and that is exactly what transpires here at Stethoscope Stage. The ultimate heart to heart, this one-of-a-kind national play festival is born out of the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic and inspired by the recent advent of narrative medicine. We are dedicated to facilitating open and honest conversations between patients and medical care providers — both seeking truth, to be heard, and understood. Brought to life through the transformative power of live theatre, the voices of those navigating illness are amplified while the challenges and gratifications of serving in the medical field are illuminated. Hereby, Stethoscope Stage builds the essential bridge of empathy between patients and medical professionals that leads to enriched health care experiences. What story need your heart unfurl about living with or treating illness? You do not have to be a professional playwright to submit your story or a theatre aficionado to listen to and appreciate the stories of others. Participate as your true authentic self. Hear. Be heard. At Stethoscope Stage, we are listening closely and carefully.

Stream Stethoscope Stage 2022

Click here to watch the livestream recording of Stethoscope Stage 2022. Click here to read the program containing playwright and panelist bios.