2022 Script Selections Announced

Stethoscope Stage extends a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a monologue or short play for our inaugural play festival! Below you will see 2022 official selections, finalists, and semifinalists. Congrats to all on this prestigious distinction. With so many wonderful pieces submitted from around the country, the script selection committee had no easy task before them. Please know that each story submitted — each person’s experience — is valued and appreciated, and we see you. Be sure to subscribe to receive updates on how to stream the 2022 festival, future Stethoscope Stage events, and future submission opportunities. If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, or plan to travel to the area to attend the 2022 festival with your friends, family, or organization, be sure to reserve your FREE seats by selecting the “Seat Reservations” tab in the menu.

Official Selections

In addition to be performed at Stethoscope Stage 2022, one of the official selections will be selected for publication in TCU School of Medicine’s HuMed Journal upon conclusion of the festival.

  • Not Another One by Sarah Cheema
  • Field of Screams by Phil Darg
  • Vaccines by Hanna Douglas
  • To Be The Exception by Kyla Kachmarik
  • Getting the Booster by Michele Markarian
  • My Decision by William Niles
  • COVID-19 Vaccine by Chapin Pfeifle
  • Breaking Free by Noah Tennant
  • My Vaccination Story by Jazmine Velasquez
  • For My Grandma by Jessi White


  • Broken, Left Behind by Anonymous
  • At Risk by Henry Bilsland
  • The Lady with the Lamp by Rebecca Goldstein
  • Across the Divide by Allston James
  • Another ‘Q’ Word Day in the Boondocks by Kavneet Kaur
  • NYVX by TD Mitchell
  • My Vaccine Story (Rap) by Sarah Safford
  • Taking Back the Six by Ellie Tuesley
  • A Life Saver McKenna Whitney
  • Feel by Shelby Wildish


  • This Conversation Took an Ugly Turn by Les Abromovitz
  • COVID-19 by Juan Pablo Bello
  • Leaves Falling on a Brooklyn Girl by Wendy Biller
  • A Fight Against Society and COVID by Henry Dyson
  • Satellite by Catt Filippov
  • In Media Res: A COVID-19 Reflection by Cornelius Fortune
  • Surviving Covid by Catherine Goffard
  • Right Armed and Ready by Tammy Gomez
  • Aunt Joan by Jeremy Kehoe
  • Covid 19 and the Common World by William Komar
  • The Passive Shot by August Mazza
  • The New Normal by Kate Murphy
  • Vaccination Story by Clinton Muunga
  • Why I Chose Not to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Yet by Shayna Osborn
  • Listening to Lily by Alexia Rowe
  • The Turks and Caicos Covid-19 Vaccine Conversation by Hayley Simmons
  • Simply Vaccinated by Kate Speers
  • COVID-19 Vaccine by Lauren Uihlein

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